When Google debuted Chromecast in 2013, the streaming dongle was a hit. While it’s been juiced up with new features over the past few years, we’ve been waiting for a true upgrade. The wait is over: At today’s Google Nexus event, Google’s Mario Queiroz debuted the new Chromecast, as well as a device called Chromecast […]

Google first announced Android 6.0 Marshmallow at its I/O developer conference earlier this year. At the time, the new version of Android was still codenamed Android M.¬†As part of its launch event for the new Nexus phones today, the company also announced when it plans to start rolling out Marshmallow to phones. The updated mobile […]

The past few years have seen many natural disasters striking highly populated regions around the world. The most recent one was the one that hit close to the coast of Indonesia. The immediate response was a tsunami warning being issued to countries and coasts that could get hit. Social media played a major role as […]

Tell me what you think of this business plan: Someone is going to write software that lets manufacturers make gadgets like the iPhone and iPad. It’s going to be high-quality, worth millions of dollars in effort, and able to work on a vast range of smartphones and tablets. Oh, and it’s going to be given […]

U.S. computer security software maker McAfee said the number of malware targeted at Android devices jumped 76 percent since last quarter, making Android the most attacked mobile operating system. “This year we have seen record breaking numbers of malware, especially on mobile devices, where the uptick is in direct correlation to popularity,” Vincent Weafer, senior […]